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What was the name of the Millennials tribe?
What was the name of the Gen X tribe?
What was the name of the green tribe that formed during the swap?
What was the name of the merged tribe?
Which twist was introduced this season that Jessica originally possessed?
Which two players were eliminated with all valid votes cast against them that Tribal?
Who was the only player to actually be eliminated due to a Hidden Immunity Idol being played?
Adam shared the story of his mom throughout the show and reunion - what disease did she suffer from?
Many players like Jessica, Chris, and Bret lied about their jobs. What did Bret tell his fellow castaways was his job?
Who did not get a confessional during their boot episode?
What word did Michaela scream upon getting a third vote cast against her?
Who was the only male to not make the merge?
Which two players originally received votes but became immune in the rock draw tribal council?
Who ultimately ended up using the Reward Steal?
Who made a fake hidden immunity idol that ended up being played?
What word did Mari say after Jeff snuffed her torch, following her blindside?

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