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Forced Order
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What was the name of the Brains tribe?
What was the name of the Brawn tribe?
What was the name of the Beauty tribe?
What was the name of the merged tribe?
Who was the only player to win more than one individual immunity?
Four contestants were voted off at the first tribal council that they attended. Which of the four made it farthest into the game?
Which video game did Aubry reference in her confessional after Neal's evacuation?
Which player wrote someone's name on their parchment, then proceeded to cross it out?
Who became the third castaway ever to vote off all of their tribemates?
Among her many previous jobs, Debbie Wanner proclaimed to be a caretaker to what type of people?
What was the name of the Tai's beloved chicken?
Which Survivor, who called themselves a 'mental giant', tried casting their first vote with the pen cap still on?
Who became the youngest castaway through all 32 seasons?
Which famous singer interrupted the live reunion to give Tai $50,000?
Who did Michelle eliminate from the jury with her advantage?
Which three players needed medical attention in the 'Dig It' challenge?

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