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Forced Order
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What was the name of the White Collar tribe?
What was the name of the Blue Collar tribe?
What was the name of the No Collar tribe?
What was the name of the merged tribe?
Who was the first of three contestants to save themselves by correctly playing a hidden immunity idol?
Who was voted off in the episode where Dan used Survivor's first ever vote doubler?
Mike joined the group 5 to have won 5 individual immunities in one season. Who is the only other winner in this group?
Instead of choosing the Honest or Deceit box, So and Joaquin claimed to choose what nonexistent box?
Who was the winner of a fire-making tie?
In her jury speech, Shirin compared Mike to a howler monkey, Carolyn to a stingray, and Will to what?
Who made the final four while never going on a reward (even on their birthday)?
Which castaway said, ''As a coconut vendor, I seek truth. I am a seer of real.'?
According to Dan Foley, what type of players never win?
What were Rodney's 'Three Cs'?
Who was the only player to be voted out unanimously?
Which contestant previously taught a class on Survivor at Northwestern University?

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