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Can you name the answers to trivia about Survivor: San Juan del Sur?

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What was the name of the tribe wearing orange buffs?
What was the name of the tribe wearing blue?
What was the name of the merged tribe?
What team nickname were the winner and the last-place contestant best known as when the competed on The Amazing Race?
Which fairy tale archetype did Reed compare Missy to in his jury speech?
Which castaway received 17 votes against them throughout the game?
Wes told his tribe that he once ate 58 of what food item in five minutes during an eating competition?
What food item did Julie hide in her bag, causing ire among her other tribemates?
What were the last four words in the sentence Keith said that prompted Jon playing his idol?
Who did Natalie play her hidden immunity idol on, leading to Baylor's blindside?
Which contestant sat out multiple challenges as the result of a physical injury?
What item did the blue tribe lose, prompting them to trade their fishing gear for a new one?
What other item did the blue tribe ended up needing, swapping nearly all of their possessions for it?
Which castaway accidentally spat all over his or her shirt during an immunity challenge?
Which pair was the first to have both players eliminated?
Which Survivor ended up on a tribe alone with three pairs of loved ones after the swap?
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