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Can you name the answers to trivia about Survivor: Cagayan?

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Forced Order
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What was the name of the original Brains tribe?
What was the name of the original Brawn tribe?
What was the name of the original Beauty tribe?
What was the name of the merged tribe?
Who became the first woman since Darrah in season 7 to win three consecutive individual immunity
This was the first season to have the first three voted out castaways be men. In order from first to third elimination, who were they?
What nickname did Kass give herself which CBS encouraged you to use a hashtag for?
Tony found a super powered idol that was inspired by a request made from which celebrity?
Which castaway dumped his or her tribe's rice into the fire, yet still avoided to be voted out that day?
What did Tony create to use in order to eavesdrop on the other castaways?
Who was eliminated when Kass flipped to the other side right after the merge?
Which castaway received an apology letter from Jeff Probst at the reunion?
Who was the only juror to vote for Woo as the winner?
What did Tony often say that he had brought to tribal council, which contained his many idols?
Which cartoon character did Kass compare Trish to during their major blowout?
What animal's sounds did Tony use to try and speak to Kass?

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