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QUIZ: Can you name the answers to trivia about Survivor: Blood Vs. Water?

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Forced Order
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What was the name of the tribe of returnees?
What was the name of the tribe of new players?
What was the name of the merged tribe?
What was the twist called that allowed the pairs to stay together for the first night, isolated from the other castaways?
Which former castaway was slated to be on this season, but was replaced by Candice when her father's blood pressure was too high to play?
What reality TV show did Hayden Moss win prior to competing on Survivor?
Which castaway passed away on June 24, 2014 after an accident at his or her workplace?
Who is the only castaway to take the place of his or her loved one on Redemption Island?
What was the name of the 12th episode, inspired by an interaction between Hayden and Tyson at tribal council, regarding the use of a certain word?
Which castaway was eliminated by drawing a white rock?
Who was the only juror to vote for Monica to win?
What was written in parentheses on the last ballot revealed for Laura's second vote off?
Who is responsible for the famous quote 'F*** you Brad Culpepper!'?
Who did Laura coach Tina to defeat in a Redemption Island duel after she had already completed her own puzzle?
What word completes Gervase's infamous episode one gloating quote: 'Don't let that ____ you!'
Who was the only returnee to not make the final tribal council, but still achieve their personal highest placing finish?

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