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Can you name the answers to trivia about Survivor: Caramoan?

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What was the name of the tribe of returnees?
What was the name of the tribe of new players?
What was the name of the merged tribe?
What was the name of the local bushman who visited the favorites tribe after they won a reward challenge and helped improve their camp?
What did Francesca say she would eat if she was voted off first for a second time?
Which castaway voluntarily sat out of an individual immunity challenge?
What phrase did Malcolm use to describe Phillip when saying why he wanted to vote him off during the tribal council where he played two hidden immunity idols?
Cochran became the second winner ever to receive all jury votes and also never receive a vote against him -- who was the first?
What four words finish this request by Brenda in her jury speech: '' I want you to ____ ___ ____ ____, Dawn'
What did Eddie say he would like to open if he won the million dollars?
After multiple blow-ups, which castaway was voted off after his or her tribe decided to forfeit the immunity challenge?
Which castaway was evacuated on day 36, the latest an evacuation has ever happened?
Who, after being blindsided with an idol in possession, said, 'Oh you guys! That was good...that was really good.'
What was the name of the alliance formed by Malcolm, Eddie, and Reynold?
Which highly unpopular castaway was medically evacuated from the game due to a scratched cornea?
What was Sherri's 'Stealth R' Us' name until Philip revoked her membership during his jury speech?

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