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Forced Order
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What was the name of the tribe with the red buffs?
What was the name of the tribe with the blue buffs?
What was the name of the tribe with the yellow buffs?
What was the name of the merged tribe?
The finalists had an average age of 46.67, becoming the oldest group to make the final tribal council. Which season had the oldest finalists (averaged) prior to this?
What word completes this quote in Jeff Kent's post-vote off confessional: 'It's not even a million bucks! It's 600 grand by the time _____ gets it!'?
Denise is the only player to ever attend every tribal council while still in the game. Which castaway voted against her on two occasions?
According to Angie, if she could change any one thing about their tribe, it would be that they could have what?
Lisa Whelchel was a child star on which TV show?
Which castaway tried to kiss Jeff Probst after she was voted off?
What famous character does Zane have a tattoo of, to which he compared himself, saying, 'I could strangle you or pick you a flower'
After Jonathan was voted off, he told everyone to 'keep their sunny side up and' what two words?
Who planted the clue to the hidden immunity idol in RC's bag to cause a drift between her and Abi-Maria?
Abi-Maria's mom, who came for the family visit, could only fluently speak in what language?
Which castaway loudly shouted 'Denise!' as he or she voted her off?
What did Carter write on his ballot to vote for the winner?

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