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What was the name of the tribe with the purple buffs?
What was the name of the tribe with the orange buffs?
What is the name of the merge tribe?
Which two castaways returned to the game from Redemption Island?
What word did Ralph not know the definition of when Jeff asked if it was important if the tribe was the said word?
Whose name could Phillip not pronounce during the first tribal council?
Which returnee was voted off for the first time ever after his tribe threw a challenge just to eliminate him?
What was the name of majority alliance, named by Phillip Sheppard?
What nickname did Phillip give himself in this alliance?
What type of treatment did Phillip repeatedly say he received from the younger girls on his tribe?
Which past castaway did Dave Murphy propose to during the live reunion?
Which castaway cast votes for ''Phile', 'Stifinie', 'Ressell' and 'Krasta'?
Which finalist received no jury votes?
Which two castaways were former NFL players?
Which castaway, while on Redemption Island, forfeited seeing his loved one so that all the contestants still in the game could see their's?
Who buried Phil's pink underwear?

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