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Can you name the answers to trivia about Survivor: Nicaragua?

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Forced Order
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What was the name of the tribe with blue buffs?
What was the name of the tribe with yellow buffs?
What was the name of the merged tribe?
Which item, when used, would give a tribe an advantage in a challenge?
The initial tribes were split by age - what was the last season to use an age component when splitting tribes?
What was Kelly Shinn's nickname?
Who did Sash say should've known better than to mess with the 'biggest bachelor in New York' when voting him or her out?
What three words follow Dan's comment to Chase in his jury speech: 'Beauty fades...'
Which castaway was an amputee?
In his voting confessional, Benry called Alina a '100%, grade A' what?
Who has been the only Nicaragua castaway to return for a later season?
Which castaway was often called 'Coach' by his tribemates?
What did NaOnka say should happen to her torch in response to Jeff after she quit?
Who set a Survivor record by casting five consecutive votes against one castaway?
Which castaway received those five votes cast against him or her?
What item did Holly take from Dan and put into the ocean?

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