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Can you name the answers to trivia about Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains?

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Forced Order
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What was the name of the merged tribe?
What three words replaced Outwit, Outlast, and Outplay on the logo?
Who is the only castaway to achieve their personal best placement this season?
The first person voted out from each tribe originally appeared on which season?
What movie was playing during Amanda and Danielle's fight for the hidden immunity idol clue?
Who threw his or her buff into the Tribal Council fire upon being voted off?
Which castaway was blindsided after being tricked into voting for Parvati right before she successfully played a hidden immunity idol?
What was the name of James' boot episode, named after the topic of a heated discussion that happened that Tribal Council?
Other than their shelter, what did Sandra burn on day 39?
What four words did Tom use to describe James when voting against him?
Who did Parvati give her two hidden idols to when JT was voted off?
Sandra received all jury votes from the Heroes in addition to a vote from which Villain?
Which castaway was blindsided when JT switched sides and voted with Tom and Colby?
Who was gifted a hidden immunity idol before the merge from the opposite tribe?
On day 22, who became the first player to play Survivor for 100 days across their several appearances?
Which two castaways played on the same original tribe for the third time?

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