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What was the name of the tribe wearing purple?
What was the name of the tribe wearing orange?
What was the name of either of the other two original tribes that were disbanded at the tribe swap?
What was the name of the merged tribe?
What was the subtitle of the season, as seen on the season logo?
Which contestant was the first one this season to be sent to Exile Island?
Which contestant has often been described as 'the fan who got off the couch' to play Survivor and gained early attention for his or her fear of leaves?
Which two contestants angered the rest of their tribe by drinking wine in the outhouse when everyone else was asleep?
In a challenge, which contestant was voted as the most annoying, the biggest poser, and the one to never shut up?
Which contestant won the most individual immunity challenges, taking five in a row?
Which contestant went cold turkey and quit smoking right before coming on to the island?
What item did Shane pretend a rock that he found was?
Which contestant became the second ever to be medically evacuated?
What was Dan Barry's occupation listed as, prior to his retiring?
Which contestant is Survivor recapper Dalton Ross' 'crush', famous for her knee-high socks?
Who won in a fire-making tiebreaker this season?

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