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What was the name of the tribe with brown buffs (and also the name of the merged tribe)?
What was the name of the tribe with blue buffs that lost every immunity challenge?
Who was the only member of the tribe with brown buffs to be voted off pre-merge?
Who was the first contestant ever to go to Exile Island?
Coby revealed at the live reunion that he was naming his baby after which other contestant?
Who was the only contestant to vote for Katie to win the game?
Which contestant did Stephenie defeat in a fire-making challenge after her tribe of two lost the immunity challenge?
Which contestant did three of the four final girls try to swing on their side to eliminate Tom, saying if that they did not eliminate him now that he would win the game?
Along with Jonathan Libby, which contestant was not selected for a tribe, and therefore eliminated on day 2?
Which contestant died in 2010, becoming the first former contestant to pass away?
This season is the only one to feature two fire-making tiebreakers. Other than Stephenie, which contestant survived after winning the challenge?
Which contestant became the first ever to be voted off at a challenge?
Which contestant won immunity on Day 1 and was voted off on Day 3?
Who were the only two players to win individual immunity post-merge?
This was the first time in Survivor a winning tribe voted to give someone on the losing tribe immunity. Which player received immunity from the brown-buffed tribe?
What creature did Tom memorably kill with a machete?

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