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What was the name of the tribe wearing orange?
What was the name of the tribe wearing yellow?
What was the name of the merged tribe?
Seven different castaways received at least one vote in a single tribal council. Which contestant was the one voted off in this episode?
Who was the only castaway voted out in a unanimous vote (excluding the final 3 vote) this season?
In Sue Hawk's infamous jury speech, she compared Rich and Kelly to what two animals?
What was the original subtitle of the season, until it was changed to Borneo to avoid confusion with the Palau season?
Which contestant sued Mark Burnett for allegedly influencing other castaways to vote her off?
What word completes this quote by Rudy: 'Me and Richard got to be pretty good friends. Not in a _____ way, that's for sure'?
What was the name of Sean Kenniff's voting strategy?
Which contestant won four individual immunity challenges?
What was Sonja Christopher's luxury item?
Which contestant did not receive a video from home because it was not sent in on time?
What was the imaginary phone that Greg Buis constructed made from?
Despite being a river guide, Kelly lost to which aquaphobic contestant in a boating race in the episode five's immunity challenge?
What did Pagong name the three chickens that they won in a reward challenge?

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