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Can you enter the surname of the Survivor that placed higher for each first name given?

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First NameAnswerSurnames
StephanieDill or Valencia?
BrandonHantz or Quinton?
TinaScheer or Wesson?
DaveBall or Cruser?
KellySharbaugh or Shinn?
AliciaCalaway or Rosa?
NatalieBolton or Tenerelli?
NickBrown or Stanbury?
KimJohnson or Spradlin?
JohnCody or Fincher?
LauraAlexander or Morett?
TomBuchanan or Westman?
AshleyMassaro or Underwood?
First NameAnswerSurnames
ErikHuffman or Reichenbach?
LisaKeiffer or Whelchel?
StaceyPowell or Stillman?
AngieJakusz or Layton?
CourtneyMarit or Yates?
MonicaCulpepper or Padilla?
DanBarry or Lembo?
KenHoang or Stafford?
JulieBerry or Wolfe?
JimLynch or Rice?
GaryHogeboom or Stritesky?
JoelAnderson or Klug?
JamesClement or Miller?

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