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Can you name the things that Amelia Bedelia was SUPPOSED to do but she took the instruction too literally?

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What Amelia DoesActual Instruction (Whoops!)
Amelia cuts up some linens in the bathroom because she was told to...
Amelia takes out her sketchpad and doodles the curtains because she was told to...
Amelia cuts up squares from the calendar and puts them in some batter because she was told to make a...
Amelia puts clothing on the poultry because she was told to....
Amelia tossed the poles and nylons into the woods during the camping trip when she was told to...
Amelia was supposed to score a run for her baseball team, but committed theft instead when she was told to...
Amelia was looking for an abandoned utensil on the street when she was told to look for a...
Amelia was supposed to remove the yolk from the whites, but instead she just moved the food item in different parts of the room when she was told to...
Amelia spread frosting on the cod when she was told to...
Amelia beat the street with a stick when she was told to...

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