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Can you guess whether the actual number for each clue is (O)ver or (U)nder the provided number?

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Clue & NumberOver or Under?Actual Number
Castaways on Survivor: Fiji: 18
Rudy Boesch's age in Survivor: All-Stars: 73
Times Samoa has been used as location: 5
Finalists with 0 jury votes: 14
Total days Rob Mariano played: 123
Viewers of Survivor: Borneo's finale: 40 million
Survivor: Australia castaways who have returned: 6
Contestants voted out with hidden idol in possession: 5
Times there has been a fire-making tiebreaker: 7
Seasons that have featured returnees: 12
Total days Francesca Hogi played: 6
Number of deceased castaways: 6
Clue & NumberOver or Under?Actual Number
Total votes ever received by Ozzy Lusth: 30
Length (hours) of longest challenge ever: 9
Survivor: Palau's season number: 12
Castaways that have also been cast on The Amazing Race: 7
Castaways voted against in Borneo's merge episode: 5
Number of seasons won by a woman: 15
Members on the Outcasts tribe: 8
Castaways who appeared in back-to-back seasons: 7
Castaways to make multiple final tribal councils: 4
Tribal councils attended by Denise Stapley: 13
Contestants named Kelly: 5
Immunity challenges won by the Ulong tribe: 2

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