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QUIZ: Can you name the word missing from each chapter title in 'The House at Pooh Corner' given four possible choices?

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ChapterMissing WordPossibilities
Chapter One, in which a house is built at Pooh Corner for ____•Eeyore
•Christopher Robin
Chapter Two, in which Tigger comes to the forest and has ____•A bright idea
•Poison Ivy
•A problem
Chapter Three, in which a search is organdised, and Piglet nearly meets ____ again•His brother
•The Heffalump
Chapter Four, in which it is shown That Tiggers don't ____•Stay Still
•Climb Trees
•Sing Well
•Know Mathematics
Chapter Five, in which Rabbit has a busy day, and we learn what Christopher Robin does in ____•The Mornings
•His Spare Time
•The Company of Friends
•Stressful Situations
ChapterMissing WordPossibilities
Chapter Six, in which Pooh invents a ____ and Eeyore joins in•Secret Handshake
•Time Machine
•New Game
•Recycling Club
Chapter Seven, in which Tigger is ____•Unbounced
Chapter Eight, in which Piglet does a very ____ thing•Grand
Chapter Nine, in which Eeyore finds the Wolery and ____ moves into it•Wooly
Chapter Ten, in which Christopher Robin and Pooh come to an enchanted place, and we ____•Leave Them There
•Say Good-bye
•End the Story
•Watch Them Play

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