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Can you name the things that fit each category that are not one of the two listed exceptions?

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SI Base units (metric)Meter, Second
Myers-Briggs Type Dominant FunctionsIntroversion, Extraversion
Types of teethMolar, canine
Phases of mitosisAnaphase, Metaphase
Five basic tastesSweetness, sourness
Platonic solidsCube, Dodecahedron
Layers of the atmosphere Stratosphere, Troposphere
Metric prefixes (factor < 1)Centi-, Milli-
'H' elementsHydrogen, Helium
'Psychology Today' topics, starting with HHappiness, Health
Big Five game animals (Africa)Lion, African Elephant
'S' bones of human bodyScapula, Sternum
Minerals, Mohs Hardness ScaleDiamond, Talc
Erik Erikson's stages of psychosocial developmentIdentity, Autonomy

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