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Can you name the five-letter rungs in this word ladder with the harder clue visible, but an easier hint if you highlight the right column?

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Harder ClueWordEasier Clue
American supermarket chain headquartered in MarylandIt describes James' peach
General of the Union during the American Civil WarThe 18th US President
Short-lived TV comedy starring Bonnie Hunt and Joel Murray Slang for $1,000
Actor who plays Aldous Snow in two Judd Apatow filmsGoogle, McDonalds, and Nike all have a well-established one
Katniss Everdeen has oneInterweaved hair - there's a famous 'french' one
Its stem contains the pons and medullaThe organ that is the center of the nervous system
Flight of human capital; brain ____It might get clogged with hair in your shower
Like a chess game after the fifty-move ruleSketched or illustrated
Edna Pontellier did this in Kate Chopin's 'The Awakening' Swim with the fishes
Seen on the famous mask representing the muse MelpomeneA smile, turned upside down
Filled to excess, archaically To have had transported by airplane
Moves like the Zambezi or JapuráMoves like the Amazon or Nile
Approaches a vertical deflection traffic calming deviceDecelerates
Ernest Hemingway short story collection 'The _____ of Kilimanjaro' Precipitates in the winter, perhaps
From Proverbs 4:10, 'Each heart _____ its own bitterness, and no one else can share its joy'Is aware or cognizant of
Sheepshank and fisherman's eyeWhat your stomach is in when you're nervous
Despicable people, informallyBoogers
Jacob sheep and humpback groupers have themDalmatians and leopards have them
ExpectoratesEjects saliva from the mouth
According to the idiom, you cut off your nose to ____ your faceIn ____ of (without regard)
Type of irrigation that uses seasonal floods to fill water storage canalsLarge number of similar things coming in quick succession; an outpouring
Rajasthan or MaharashtraCalifornia or New York
Like a recycled jokeNo longer fresh, like dry bread
Seating in a church for the choirTo delay time, or where a horse stays in a stable
It's what Queen wants? (Two words)Nickelodeon show 'Clarissa Explains __ ___'

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