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Can you select which of the three phrases is not an anagram of the listed Sporcle-related term?

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Select which of the three phrases is not an anagram of the term in the right column by entering 1, 2, or 3.
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PhrasesNot an AnagramTerm
1 - Little Pessimism Kernel
2 - Missile Repellent Skit
3 - Telekinesis Trip Smell
Music - Smells Like Teen Spirit
1 - Similar Offal Pelvis
2 - Primeval Fossil Fail
3 - Impassive Afro Frill
Religion - Five Pillars of Islam
1 - Lame Rattlesnake Hail
2 - Alienate Hamster Lake
3 - Alliterate Meal Shank
Science - Alkaline Earth Metals
1 - Jealous Algebra Amble
2 - Globular Erasable Jam
3 - Jumbo Releasable Gala
Sports - Major League Baseball
1 - Deep Tradesmen Revolt
2 - Deserve Mold Pattern
3 - Demented Parrot Elves
Television - Arrested Development

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