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Can you select which of the three phrases is not an anagram of the listed Sporcle-related term?

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Select which of the three phrases is not an anagram of the term in the right column by entering 1, 2, or 3.
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PhrasesNot the Anagram Term
1 - Genius Gobbler
2 - Greenbug Bilbo
3 - Sobering Bulge
Just for Fun - Robins Egg Blue
1 - Single Acorn Prophet
2 - Apprentice Slog Horn
3 - Agnostic Ripple Heron
Language - Person Place or Thing
1 - Dental Hothead Names
2 - Almond Death Senate
3 - Me Ethanol Headstand
Literature - The Old Man and the Sea
1 - Bayed Tooth Chancel
2 - Bloody Cheetah Cat
3 - Catchy Hotel Abode
Miscellaneous - Death By Chocolate
1 - His Knoweth Ampersand
2 - Sheepskin Month Award
3 - Ardent Wish Spokesman
Movies - Shawshank Redemption

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