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Can you name the mystery TV show by guessing the other answers that are all elements of the mystery show?

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HintMystery TV Show Clue
Spongebob Squarepants lives in one of these under the sea
Third highest sounding brass instrument
2007 Rihanna song featuring Jay-Z
A&E Network TV show featuring different types of addicts
The capital of British Columbia or an Australian State
Insect with its own 'effect', as in the title of an Ashton Kutcher film
Informally, the location in between the Lincoln Memorial and the United States Capitol
Title for Mr. Morgan, Mr. Kirk, or Mr. Crunch
According to Ernie from Sesame Street, he makes bath time so much fun.
Mythical inhabitant in the Scottish Highlands
HintMystery TV Show Clue
Animal stared at in the title of Jon Ronson book
USA Network's legal drama starring Gabriel Macht and Patrick J. Adams
Defensive maneuver in American Football lending its name from a German WWII strategy
Higher-education institution located in Middletown, Connecticut
PB&J, grilled cheese, and BLT
Follows 'Kiss Kiss' in a 2005 film title
Question often asked mid-coin flip
Happy gets in a fight with this celebrity in 'Happy Gilmore'
After Harry Potter and James Bond, the third highest-grossing film series
All the answers are elements of this TV Show

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