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Can you name which of the two options is a filter name on Instagram?

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Which of these numbers is a filter: 2012 or 1977?
Which of these kitchen appliances is a filter: Microwave or Toaster?
Which part of the country name is a filter: Sierra or Leone?
Which or these X-Factor USA winners is a filter: Stevens or Amaro?
Which of these Will Smith kids is a filter: Willow or Jaden?
Which of these Henry David Thoreau works is a filter: Walden or Excursions?
Which of these London places is a filter: Kensington or Mayfair?
Which of American Idol alumni is a filter: Hudson or Aiken?
Which of these Spanish places is a filter: Catalonia or Valencia?
Which part of this pair is a filter: Rise or Shine?
Which part of the expression is a filter: Earlybird or The Worm?
Which of these southern US capitals is a filter: Montgomery or Nashville?
Which of these is a filter: Hi-Fi or Lo-Fi?
Which of these temperature measures is a filter: Fahrenheit or Kelvin?

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