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Can you name whether each fact applies to either Candy (L)and or Candy (C)rush Saga?

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Fact(L)and or (C)rush
Has the character Mr. Toffee
Has characters King Kandy and Princess Lolly
Is owned by Hasbro
An inspiration behind Katy Perry's 'California Gurls' music video
Has a movie with the subtitle 'The Great Lollipop Adventure'
Contains items such as a lollipop hammer and a lucky candy
Contains places like Wafer Wharf, Minty Meadow, and Bubblegum Bridge
Fact(L)and or (C)rush
Released in 1949
Developed by a company called King
Features striped and wrapped candies
Can get stuck in the gooey gumdrops while playing
Features a 'The World of Sweets' version
Is similar to the popular game 'Bejeweled'
There have been reports that 1 in 7 people in Hong Kong play the game

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