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Taronga is one of Australia's most famous of this type of tourist spotZ
These are raced from Sydney to Hobart in an annual raceY
Queensland beer brewed by Castlemaine PerkinsX
Animal resembling a small kangaroo; its name is used in many Aussie sports teams W
State with Melbourne as its capital V
Sheepskin boots that originated in Australia and became popular worldwideU
What Australians call flip flops - a strange name to many foreigners!T
The upper house of Australia's Parliament S
The annual State of Origin series is centered around this sportR
Australia's largest airline nicknamed 'The Flying Kangaroo' Q
Famous Australian dessert (though originally from New Zealand) made of egg whites, caster sugar, and fruitP
The general term for the vast, remote, arid part of AustraliaO
State home to Sydney, Newcastle, and Wagga WaggaN
Nicknamed 'The Father of Australia'; a university and investment banking company are named after himM
The award that recognizes excellence in the Australian television industryL
Aussie bird known for its loud call that sounds like echoing human laughter K
Australian actor best known as Wolverine from X-MenJ
Aussie rock band with hits such as 'Suicide Blonde', 'Never Tear Us Apart', and 'Burn For You'I
Aussie soap that featured actors such as Heath Ledger, Chris Hemsworth, and Naomi Watts H
First Australian female Prime Minister, serving from 2010 until 2013G
Western Australian city that serves as the port of Perth and has a famous prisonF
Genus of flowering trees popular in Australia consumed by koalas E
Wind instrument designed by Indigenous Australians; called a 'wooden trumpet' D
Tourist destination in northern Queensland, popular because of its proximity to The Great Barrier ReefC
Queensland's capital cityB
Territory that is home to Canberra A

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