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Can you name the TV show containing only words starting with the same letter?

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Notable StarTV ShowLetters
Adam ArkinBB
Florence Henderson(The) BB
Dylan MoranBB
Dabney ColemanBB
Julie Chen**BB
Will Friedle*BB
H. Job Benhamin*BB
Bryan CranstonBB
Neil Patrick HarrisCC
Allen Funt**CC
Ben Bailey**CC
Nestor CarbonellCC
Kathryn MorrisCC
Marc Summers**DD
Brooke ElliottDDD
Kyle ChandlerEE.
Beau Weaver*(The) FF
Richard Dawson**FF
Betty White(The) GG
Blake LivelyGG
Kathy BurkeGGG
John Challis(The) GGG
Notable StarTV ShowLetters
Lauren GrahamGG
Suzanne Whang**HH
Judith Sheindlin**JJ
Bob CraneHH
Patti StangerThe (MM)
Jon HammMM
Elmer Davis**PPP
Kate WalshPP
John Sparkes*PP
Matt Frewer*PP
Mark LongRR
Bob SagetSS
Brooke ShieldsSS
Kevin Clash*SS
Ricky SchroderSS
David Ruprecht**SS
Tom Kenny*SS
Bud Collyer**TTTT
Scott Menville*TT
Robert Conrad(The) WWW
Martin Sheen(The) WW
Kyle BornheimerWW

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