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QUIZ: Can you name these Scottish-American Soldiers and Statesmen?

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PositionScottish-AmericanYears of Life
First Secretary of War (Also served as a Senior Officer of the U.S. Army succeeding Washington)1750-1806
First Secretary of the Treasury (Also served as a Senior Officer of the U.S. Army)1755-1804
5th President of the United States (Also served in the Continental Army)1758-1831
7th President of the United States (Also Commanded the American Troops at the Battle of New Orleans)1767-1845
Fought at the Alamo (Also served as a Congressman from Tennessee)1786-1836
Commanded U.S. Forces in the War of 1812 and Mexican American, Black Hawk, Second Seminole, and American Civil Wars)1786-1866
15th President of the United States1791-1868
Brought Texas into the Union (Also served as Texas' first President)1793-1863
11th President of the United States1795-1849
Highest Ranking General to Enlist in the Confederate Cause1807-1891
17th President of the United States 1808-1875
Union General Defeated at the First Battle of Bull Run1818-1885
18th President of the United States (Also served as the Commander of the Union Army)1822-1885
PositionScottish-AmericanYears of Life
Confederate Lieutenant General and the Second best-known after Robert E. Lee1824-1863
Original General of the famous Army of the Potomac1826-1885
Major General of the Union Army Killed at the Battle of Atlanta1828-1864
21st President of the United States (Brigadier General in the Union Army)1829-1886
Confederate Major General (Also Served as a Senator from Georgia)1832-1904
Famous General of the Confederate Cavalry1833-1864
Civil War Brevet Major (Also served as the 25th President of the United States)1843-1901
28th President of the United States (Progressive Leader)1856-1924
26th President of the United States (Also lead the charge up San Juan Hill)1858-1919
U.S. General and Field Marshall of the Philippines1880-1964
U.S. Army Chief of Staff during World War II1880-1959
U.S. Army General Commanding the 7th and later the 3rd Armies during World War II1885-1945
36th President of the United States (Also served as a Navy Lieutenant Commander during World War II)1908-1973

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