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Can you name the Names Repeatedly Used for Different Characters in the Bible?

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Bible ReferencesRecycled NameDescriptions
Exodus 6:23 / 1 Chron 11:12 / Matt 1:15Son Who Succeeded Aaron as High Priest / Son of Dodai & One of The Three Mighty Men / The Son of Eliud & Great-great Grandfather of Jesus
Gen 25:26 / Matt 1:16The Third Patriarch / Grandfather of Jesus
Matt 1:1 / Col 4:11The Christ and Son of David / Called Justus
Gen 30:24/ Matt 1:20 / Mark 15:43Son of Israel / Father of Jesus / Of Arimathea
Matt 3:1 / Matt 10:2 / John 1:42The Second Elijah / Brother of James & Disciple / Father of Peter
Matt 10:4 / Matt 13:55 / Luke 6:16Disciple Who Betrayed Jesus / Brother of Jesus / Son of James
Matt 10:2 / Matt 10:3An Apostle and the Son of Zebedee / An Apostle and the Son of Alphaeus
Bible ReferencesRecycled NameDescriptions
Matt 1:16 / Matt 27:56 / Matt 27:56Mother of Jesus / Magdalene / Mother of James and Joses
1 Chron 2:37 / Matt 1:5Son of Ephlal / Son of Boaz
1 Sam 9:2 / Acts 13:9First King of all 12 Tribes / Another Name for Paul
Gen 29:33 / Luke 2:25The Second Son of Leah & Tribe of Israel / Held Baby Jesus in the Temple Courts and Prophesied
John 6:71 / John 1:42 / Matt 27:32Father of Judas Iscariot / Another Name for Peter / From Cyrene & Carrier of Christ's Cross
1 Chron 6:8 / 1 Chron 6:11 / Matt 1:14Great-grandson of Meraioth / Great-grandson of Azariah / Son of Azor
Zech 1:1 / Luke 1:5Son of Berekiah, a Minor Prophet / Priest & Father of John the Baptist

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