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The franchises orginal publisher
The number of titles set on the East Coast (USA) (e.g. One, Two, Three)
Fallout 1's release date (Month (title) day, year)
The day the bombs dropped, ending the great war (Month (title), day, year)
The mastermind beind the original Fallout
The technology never created that diverts Fallouts timeline from our own
What the acronym S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stands for (e.g. One, Two, etc.)
The piece of technology the Vault Dweller is instructed to find for Vault 13
The leader of the Super Mutant faction in Fallout 1
The brand of car that manufactures the Corvega sedan
The primary antagonist faction in Fallout 2 made up of Americas Elite
The capitol of the New California Republic
The name of the Posiedon Oil power plant inhabited by Ghouls
The title given to Fallout 2's protagonist
The name of Vault Tec's iconic blonde hair mascot
The creatures that mutated from the Jacksons Chamelion
The settlement in Fallout 3 centred around an old atomic bomb
James' (dad) favorite bible passage (Fallout 3)
The faction with roots dating back to US Army remnants, post apocalypse
The weapon inspired by a real life weapon 'Davey Crocket' and named after the atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki in WWII
The voice behind New Vegas antagonist Benny that stared in the 90's sitcom 'Friends'
Victor, is a 'Robco Securitron Model ____-_'
Patrolling through the Mojave makes NCR soldiers and Rangers wish for a '______ ______'
The name of the old world casino that has since become inhabited by regenerative beings plagued by a toxic cloud
The model of power armor deployed to win the battle of anchorage
Nora's pre war occupation
The player owned settlement closest to Diamond City
Far Harbours real life counterpart
The Nuka World location that houses the Overboss
The desirable piece of technology wanted by all of Fallout 4's major factions manufactured by Mass Fusion
Death, is a preferable alternative to '_________' according to Liberty Prime
The deadly creatures said to invade the Mojave in future from the Divide
The faction inspired by the Roman Empire that controlls Arizona
The research facility often misinterpreted by wastelanders as the 'Big Empty'
The owner of RobCo industries and ruler of New Vegas (Full name)
The Posiedon Energy Solar power plant that houses a deadly orbital weapon
The military designation for the 10mm pistol (Bethesda's Fallout)
What creature terrorised the citizens of Shady Sands in Fallout 1
The model of corvega restored by the protagonist in Fallout 2 that was said to be unstoppable
The model of laser rifle most commonly found in the wasteland
How many stars are on the United States flag as of 2077?
In what commonwealth does Fallout 3 take place
The model of Pip-Boy used in Fallout 3 and New Vegas
What are settlements in constant need of according to Preston Garvey
The D.C. chapter of BoS occupy what old world construct as their stronghold
The superhero show broadcasted in Boston on GNR
The name given to the ruins of Pittsburg of which there still remains a thriving steel industry controlled by raiders
The Nuka Cola drink marketed to the west coast to celebrate the end of the battle of achorage
General Atomics, is a parody of what real life company?
How many vaults was Vault-Tec commisioned to build by the US Governmant?

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