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Who is the game's final boss?
What is the name of the food processing plant in Etrenank?
What 4000-year old civilization houses Emeralda in its ruins?
Complete the following quote: 'My fist is the ______ ______!
What is Krelian's final line of the game?
Who summoned the Diabolos 500 years ago?
What are the names of Citan's wife and daughter?
What is Margie's favorite food?
What is the ultimate source of power for all Gears?
Who is the head nun of Nisan?
Before taking over, what was Shakahn's post in the Aveh government?
Name one of Rico's 7 AP skills.
What is the name of the general that accompanies Fei to the battle against Vanderkaum?
During the battle in Shevat, what does Achtzehn use to freeze the Gears?
What does Fei go to Citan's house to retrieve at the beginning of the game?
What item can you receive from Dan during the Aveh Tournament?
What is the name of Bart's weapon that can inflict poison?
Where does Krelian crucify Fei and his friends?
What is Grahf's true identity?
What character is meant to serve as a clone of Emperor Cain?

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