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Named forAnswerExtra Info
French Ambassador to the US
Native Americans
William Penn's Father's lands in England
American Naval Officer
Native American Chief Tamaque
From Assiskuhanna, meaning a broad and shallow river
County town of Northamptonshire
Revolutionary War General
US General in War of 1812
Associate Justice of the US Supreme Court
County in England
Tribe Conquered by the Iroquois
British Colonel who defeated Native Americans at Fort Kittanning 1756
Attorney General under Washington
Coal-rich area of PA
US Colonel in the American Revolution
Geographic location in PA
Attributed to the Events of the Battle of Brady's Bend
From Meschawoming, which in the language of the Delawares meant 'great plains'
Native American word meaning the place of a sandy lick
Revolutionary War General
Alligewi Tribe
Revolutionary War General
Named forAnswerExtra Info
Revolutionary War General
Lord De La Warr
county took its name from the fact that a hundred years after other sections of the state were well populated, the territory of this section was still a primitive forest
Inventor of the Steam Boat
Adaption of a word of the Iroquois Indians which meant standing stone
A Walled City in Cheshire, England
First US President
English County
County in England
Biblical Reference
Second US President
Native American word for the meeting of two streams
Revolutionary War General
Native American word meaning 'the forks'
General Lafayette
In honor of the French; first born son the French King
Fields in which the Buffaloes roamed
Christopher Columbus
County in England
Revolutionary War General
Pennsylvania Governor
English County
Fifth US President
Named forAnswerExtra Info
Native American leader and translator for the colonies
A corruption of the Iroquois word or name Diahoga, meaning the forks as of two streams.
A reference to the United States
Initially named Buckingham
Revolutionary War General
the Dutch-named PA river
Named by Welsh Settlers
Local Fauna
US Senator
From an ancient Indian village which stood at the junction of French creek and the Allegheny river.
English Duke
Governor of Pennsylvania
Revolutionary War General
Third US President
American Naval Commander
Governor of New York
Revolutionary War General
Greek for Brotherly Love
Benjamin Franklin
County in England
English Countess

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