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Can you name the starship classes in Star Trek: Armada II?

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United Federation of Planets
Tachyon Detection Grid 
Antimatter Mines 
Chain Reaction Pulsar 
Engine Overload 
Shield Enhancer 
Point Defense Phaser, Shield Disruptor, Engineering Team, and Gemini Effect 
Corbomite Reflector 
Klingon Empire
Tachyon Detection Grid 
Gravity Mines 
Polaron Torpedo 
Commando Team 
Weapon Enhancer 
Repulsion Wave, Energy Dissipator, Ion Storm, and Death Chant  
Ion Cannon 
Borg Collective
Tachyon Detection Grid 
Transwarp Drive 
Auto Assimilator 
Special Energy Recharger 
Shield Remodulation, Computer Override, Nanites, and Ultritium Burst 
Holding Beam and Technology Assimilation Beam 
Holding Beam and Technology Assimilation Beam 
Holding Beam and Technology Assimilation Beam 
Holding Beam and Technology Assimilation Beam 
Cardassian Union
Tachyon Detection Grid 
Flux Wave 
Sensor Scrambler 
Plasma Cannon, Quantum Singularity Effect, Impulse Engine Boost, and Shield Harmonics Disruptor 
Plasma Bank Overload 
Romulan Star Empire
Tachyon Detection Grid 
Romulan Spy 
Sensor Jammer 
Myotronic Inhibitor 
Cloak Enhancer 
Holo Emitter, Psychonic Blast, Energy-Shield Converter, and Phase Cloak 
Shield Inversion Beam 
Spatial Rift 
Species 8472
Clairvoyance and Tachyon Detection Grid 
Clairvoyant Link 
Psionic Disruption 
Nebula Generation, Nebula Flux, and Transient Rift 
Bio-Pulse Conduit 
Psionic Insanity 

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