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Can you name the characters on All That portrayed by Kenan Thompson?

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A chef with his own cooking show all about chocolate.
A teenage superhero who, unfortunately, is lactose intolerant.
The head of Dullmont Jr. High School with a large zit on his forehead.
The cafeteria lady at Dullmont Jr. High School who will hurt anyone who resists peas.
A man in a large yellow raincoat sitting in a sud-filled bathtub who teaches outrageous French phrases.
An old heckler partnered with his good buddy Clavis.
A hippie with a big afro and a short fuse.
A possibly fake foreign exchange student whose customs are considered extremely weird.
A construction worker who wears a hard hat and uses the word 'construction' as a verb.
An employee at the convenience store 'Quik 'n Fast'.

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