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Film QuestionsAnswersFilm series
Home of the Horselords?The Lord Of The Rings
Who sells Slytherins locket?Harry Potter
Who says the quote 'This is no mine'? The Lord Of The Rings
On which planet was the Jedi Council held before the rise of the empire?Star Wars
How many films? Star Wars
How many films? Harry Potter
How many films? (Jacksons)The Lord Of The Rings
How many films? (officials, so far)James Bond
What is the colour of Luke Skywalkers lightsaber in episode IV?Star Wars
What is the name of the God equivilant?The Lord Of The Rings
What is the pre-marital surname of Lily Potter?Harry Potter
How many different actors/actresses have played the character 'M'?James Bond
What is the collective name of the three jewels that appeared in the first age?The Lord Of The Rings
Which ship was mass produced by the Empire for space battlefront?Star Wars
Film QuestionsAnswersFilm series
When the Jedi Master Dooku fell became a sith lord, what was his name?Star Wars
What was the name of Goldfingers henchman?James Bond
What is the sindarin elvish name for the character Gandalf?The Lord Of The Rings
In what year did Lord Voldemort murder James and Lily Potter?Harry Potter
What is the sindarin name for Gandalf's sword 'Foe-hammer'?The Lord Of The Rings
Which Jedi beheads Jango Fett?Star Wars
Who was the leader of the villanous organisation 'SPECTRE'?James Bond
Who told Harry Potter that he was a wizard?Harry Potter
Apart from the reverend equivilent, which two characters are the only witnesses to Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amidala's wedding on Naboo?Star Wars
Where was the first meeting of Dumbledore's Army held?Harry Potter
What winged creature do the Nazgul ride after their horses are slain?The Lord Of The Rings
Who sang the theme song for the film 'The Man With The Golden Gun'? James Bond
How many of Darth Vaders limbs were severed by Obi-Wan Kenobi on the volcano planet Mustafar?Star Wars
What is the name of the actor that has appeared in 3 of the 4 series' questioned about above?Various

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