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Can you name the best ranked Formula 1 drivers by year of birth?

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Year of birthDriverClassification (Country)
189618th (France)
18983th (Italy)
189910th (Monaco)
19039th (Italy)
190414th (France)
19054th (France)
19061st (Italy)
19077th (United States)
19095th (Italy)
19105th (Germany)
19111st (Argentina)
19124th (Switzerland)
191310th (United Kingdom)
19147th (United States)
191613th (United Kingdom, United States)
19174th (France)
19181st (Italy)
191912th (United States)
192021th (United States)
19214th (France)
19222nd (Argentina)
192311th (Argentina)
19243rd (Italy)
192514th (United States)
19261st (Australia)
19271st (United States)
19282nd (Germany)
19291st (United Kingdom)
19303rd (Italy, United States)
19313rd (United Kingdom)
19322nd (United Kingdom)
19338th (United Kingdom)
19341st (United Kingdom)
Year of birthDriverClassification (Country)
19354th (Italy)
19361st (New Zealand, United Kingdom)
19372nd (New Zealand)
193818th (South Africa)
19391st (United Kingdom)
19401st (United States)
194112th (Sweden)
19421st (Austria)
19434th (France, New Zealand)
19442nd (Sweden)
19452nd (Belgium)
19461st (Australia, Brazil)
19471st (United Kingdom)
19481st (Finland)
19491st (Austria)
19501st (South Africa)
195111th (Germany)
19521st (Brazil)
19531st (United Kingdom)
19542nd (Italy)
19551st (France)
19562nd (Italy)
19574th (Belgium)
19583rd (Italy)
19593rd (Austria)
19601st (Brazil, United Kingdom)
196111th (Italy)
196211th (United States)
19637th (Italy)
19644th (France, United Kingdom)
19652nd (United Kingdom)
19668th (France)
19672nd (Germany)
Year of birthDriverClassification (Country)
19681st (Finland)
19691st (Germany)
197014th (Brazil)
19711st (Canada)
19722nd (Brazil)
19734th (Italy)
19746th (Italy)
19753rd (Colombia)
19763rd (Australia)
19775th (Germany)
197819th (Argentina)
19791st (Finland)
19801st (United Kingdom)
19811st (Spain)
198210th (Germany)
19839th (Germany)
19844th (Poland)
19851st (United Kingdom, Germany)
19867th (France)
19871st (Germany)
198815th (Switzerland)
19892nd (Finland)
19904th (Mexico)
199116th (Mexico)
19929th (Denmark)
199317th (Italy)
19945th (Spain)
199517th (Canada)
19967th (France, Thailand)
19971st (Netherlands)
199811th (Canada)
19996th (United Kingdom)
200014th (Japan)

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