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Can you name the Best ranked cyclist in Tour de France by team?

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US Postal Service (25th) 
Banesto (9th) 
Kelme - Costa Blanca (5th) 
Mapei - Quick Step (10th) 
Rabobank (24th) 
ONCE - Deutsche Bank (21th) 
Deutsche Telekom (2nd) 
Mercatone Uno (37th) 
AG2R Prévoyance (32th) 
Saeco - Valli & Valli (29th) 
Festina (3rd) 
Farm Frites (77th) 
Cofidis (22th) 
Lotto - Mobistar (17th) 
Française des Jeux (76th) 
Polti (6th) 
Memory Card - Jack & Jones (36th) 
Crédit Agricole (48th) 
Vini Caldirola (16th) 
Bonjour - Toupargel (19th) 
US Postal (15th) 
Deutsche Telekom (2nd) 
ONCE (3rd) 
Festina (32th) 
Fassa Bortolo (24th) 
Rabobank (10th) 
Lotto - Adecco (27th) 
Cofidis (4th) 
Mapei - Quick Step (14th) (13th) 
Crédit Agricole (18th) 
Euskaltel - Euskadi (12th) 
AG2R Prévoyance (17th) 
CSC - Tiscali (19th) 
Jean Delatour (23th) 
Kelme - Costa Blanca (7th) 
Bonjour (6th) 
Lampre - Daikin (52th) 
La Française des Jeux (66th) 
Domo - Farm Frites (22th) 
Big Mat - Auber (40th) 
US Postal Service (9th) 
Deutsche Telekom (37th) 
ONCE - Eroski (2nd) 
Kelme - Costa Blanca (4th) 
Cofidis (13th) 
CSC - Tiscali (10th) 
Crédit Agricole (67th) 
Domo - Farm Frites (16th) 
Fassa Bortolo (11th) (19th) 
Rabobank (12th) 
Bonjour (36th) 
Mapei - Quick Step (44th) (7th) 
Lotto - Adecco (35th) 
Lampre - Daikin (3rd) 
Euskaltel (39th) 
Tacconi (25th) 
AG2R Prévoyance (30th) 
Alessio (23th) 
Jean Delatour (17th) 
US Postal - Berry Floor (14th) 
ONCE - Eroski (17th) 
Telekom (3rd) (10th) 
Rabobank (28th) 
Saeco (38th) 
Cofidis (15th) 
CSC (4th) 
Fassa Bortolo (7th) (78th) 
Kelme - Costa Blanca (27th) 
Quick Step - Davitamon (16th) 
Crédit Agricole (8th) 
Bianchi (2nd) 
Lotto - Domo (52th) 
AG2R Prévoyance (24th) 
Vini Caldirola - Sodi (87th) 
Euskaltel - Euskadi (5th) 
Brioches La Boulangère (20th) 
Gerolsteiner (12th) 
Alessio (21th) 
Jean Delatour (31th) 
US Postal Service - Berry Floor (5th) 
T-Mobile (2nd) 
Phonak Hearing Systems (10th) 
Euskaltel Euskadi (26th) 
Fassa Bortolo (45th) 
Crédit Agricole (12th) 
CSC (3rd) 
Illes Balears - Banesto (6th) 
Gerolsteiner (7th) 
Cofidis, le crédit par téléphone (34th) 
Quick Step - Davitamon (15th) 
Liberty Seguros (44th) 
Brioches La Boulangère (18th) 
Alessio - Bianchi (11th) 
AG2R Prévoyance (20th) 
Rabobank (9th) (16th) 
Saeco (17th) 
Lotto - Domo (21th) 
Domina Vacanze (32th) 
RAGT Semences - Rover MG (71th) 
Discovery Channel (12th) 
T-Mobile (3rd) 
CSC (2nd) 
Illes Balears (4th) 
Davitamon - Lotto (8th) 
Rabobank (7th) 
Phonak (9th) 
Fassa Bortolo (62th) 
Saunier Duval - Prodir (23th) 
Liberty Seguros (16th) 
Crédit Agricole (11th) 
Liquigas - Bianchi (32th) 
Cofidis (44th) 
Quick Step (41th) 
Bouygues Telecom (28th) 
Lampre - Caffita (13th) 
Gerolsteiner (26th) 
Française des Jeux (29th) 
Domina Vacanze (37th) 
Euskaltel - Euskadi (15th) 
AG2R Prévoyance (27th) 
Discovery Channel (17th) 
CSC (3rd) 
T-Mobile (2nd) 
AG2R Prévoyance (6th) 
Gerolsteiner (13th) 
Rabobank (5 th) 
Davitamon - Lotto (4th) 
Phonak Hearing System (29th) 
Lampre Fondital (11th) 
Caisse d'Epargne - Illes Balears (1st) 
Quick Step - Innergetic (70th) 
Crédit Agricole (14th) 
Euskaltel - Euskadi (8th) 
Cofidis (41th) 
Saunier Duval - Prodir (39th) 
Française des Jeux (67th) 
Liquigas (53th) 
Bouygues Telecom (27th) 
Milram (78th) 
Agritubel (37th) 
Caisse d'Epargne (5th) 
T-Mobile (6th) 
CSC (3rd) 
Predictor - Lotto (2nd) 
Rabobank (34th) 
AG2R Prévoyance (26th) 
Euskaltel - Euskadi (4th) 
Lampre - Fondital (18th) 
Gerolsteiner (30th) 
Crédit Agricole (25th) 
Discovery Channel (1st) 
Bouygues Telecom (57th) 
Agritubel (38th) 
Cofidis, Crédit par Téléphone 
Liquigas (17th) 
Française des Jeux (63th) 
Quick Step - Innergetic (20th) 
Milram (46th) 
Saunier Duval - Prodir (15th) 
Barloworld (10th) 
Silence - Lotto (2nd) 
CSC - Saxo Bank (1st) 
Euskaltel - Euskadi (6th) 
Caisse d'Epargne (8th) 
Columbia (7th) 
Barloworld (47th) 
Liquigas (12th) 
Lampre (25th) 
Crédit Agricole (17th) 
Quick Step (35th) 
AG2R La Mondiale (9th) 
Gerolsteiner (24th) 
Agritubel (38th) 
Rabobank (3rd) 
Bouygues Télécom (31th) 
Milram (28th) 
Française des Jeux (13th) 
Saunier Duval - Scott 
Cofidis, Crédit par Téléphone (14th) 
Garmin Chipotle (4th) 
Cervélo (15th) 
Silence - Lotto (13th) 
Astana (1st) 
Saxo Bank (2nd) 
Rabobank (52th) 
Garmin (3rd) 
Euskaltel - Euskadi (42th) 
Columbia - High Road (17th) 
AG2R La Mondiale (12th) 
Liquigas (6th) 
Française des Jeux (9th) 
Caisse d'Epargne (24th) 
Cofidis (36th) 
Lampre (51th) 
Bbox Bouygues Telecom (20th) 
Quick Step (18th) 
Katusha (11th) 
Agritubel (23th) 
Milram (19th) 
Skil - Shimano (87th) 

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