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Can you name the Best ranked cyclist in Tour de France by team?

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Z (1st) 
Castorama - Raleigh (14th) 
Banesto (4th) 
PDM (3rd) 
ONCE (5th) 
RMO (21th) 
Panasonic - Sportlife (33th) 
Chateau d'Ax (7th) 
7 Eleven - Hoonved (11th) 
Seur (63th) 
Weinmann - SMM - Uster (36th) 
Helvetia - La Suisse (15th) 
Toshiba (47th) 
Ryalcao - Postobon (16th) 
Histor - Sigma (44th) 
Lotto - Superclub - MBK (9th) 
TVM - Yoko 
Carrera Jeans - Vagabond (2nd) 
Buckler (64th) 
Ariostea (18th) 
Kelme - Ibexpress (13th) 
Alfa - Lum (25th) 
Z (7th) 
Carrera Jeans (3rd) 
PDM - Concorde 
Banesto (1st) 
ONCE (11th) 
Gatorade - Chateau d'Ax (2nd) 
Lotto - Superclub - MBK (35th) 
Motorola (8th) 
Amaya Seguros (22th) 
Castorama (5th) 
Helvetia (10th) 
Ryalcao - Postobon (18th) 
Ariostea (29th) 
RMO - Mavic - Liberia (4th) 
TVM - Sanyo (13th) 
Panasonic - Sportlife (15th) 
Weinmann - Eddy Merckx (83th) 
Histor - Sigma (32th) 
Toshiba (16th) 
Buckler (26th) 
Tonton Tapis - Corona (51th) 
Clas - Cajastur (33th) 
Banesto (1st) 
Gatorade - Chateau d'Ax (3rd) 
Carrera Jeans - Tassoni (2nd) 
RMO - Mavic - Onet (5th) 
Castorama (15th) 
Z (12th) 
Motorola (4th) 
Helvetia - Commodore (53th) 
ONCE (34th) 
TVM (13th) 
Panasonic - Sportlife (14th) 
Ryalcao - Postobon (32th) 
Amaya Seguros (24th) 
Buckler (17th) 
Ariostea (28th) 
Telekom (10th) 
Clas - Cajastur (19th) 
Lotto - Belgacom (51th) 
Festina (31th) 
GB - MG Maglificio (11th) 
Tulip Computers (30th) 
PDM - Concorde (7th) 
Banesto (1st) 
Carrera Jeans - Tassoni (6th) 
Gatorade - Mega Drive (20th) 
Motorola (4th) 
Festina (15th) 
ONCE (7th) 
ZG Mobili - Sidi (11th) 
Telekom (25th) 
GB - MG Maglificio (3rd) 
GAN (28th) 
TVM - Bison (24th) 
Novemail - Laser Computer (35th) 
Castorama (22th) 
Clas - Cajastur (2nd) 
Wordperfect (27th) 
Amaya Seguros (12th) 
Ariostea (5th) 
Lotto - Belgacom (83th) 
Lampre - Polti (73th) 
Chazal - Vetta MBK (37th) 
Banesto (1st) 
Mapei - Clas (12th) 
GB - MG Technogym (7th) 
Motorola (31th) 
Gewiss - Ballan (2nd) 
Carrera - Tassoni (3rd) 
ONCE (8th) 
Lampre - Panaria (6th) 
GAN (51th) 
Festina (4th) 
Polti (15th) 
Castorama (21th) 
TVM - Bison (20th) 
Telekom (9th) 
ZG Mobili - Selle Italia (16th) 
Wordperfect (36th) 
Novemail - Laser (26th) 
Kelme - Avianca (18th) 
Chazal - MBK - Konig (22th) 
Lotto - Vetta - Caloi (24th) 
Mercatone Uno - Medeghini (42th) 
Banesto (1st) 
Gewiss - Ballan (3rd) 
Carrera - Tassoni (11th) 
Aki - Gipiemme (46th) 
Mapei - GB (7th) 
Festina (9th) 
ONCE (2nd) 
Lampre - Panaria (81th) 
GAN (30th) 
Polti (32th) 
Kelme - Avianca (10th) 
Motorola (16th) 
TVM - Polis Direct (17th) 
Lotto - Isoglas (71th) 
Castorama (12th) 
MG - Technogym (33th) 
Novell (18th) 
Mercatone Uno - Saeco (43th) 
Chazal - MBK - Konig (34th) 
BresciaLAT (14th) 
Telekom - ZG - Selle Italia (25th) 
Banesto (11th) 
ONCE (12th) 
Telekom (1st) 
Mapei - GB (9th) 
MG - Technogym (15th) 
Gewiss (20th) 
Motorola (23th) 
Festina (3rd) 
Rabobank (21th) 
GAN (39th) 
Saeco (25th) 
Polti (6th) 
Panaria (36th) 
Carrera (5th) 
Roslotto - Mobili (7th) 
TVM (13th) 
Refin (17th) 
Lotto (77th) 
Kelme (8th) 
BresciaLAT (93th) 
Agrigel - La Creuse (67th) 
Aubervilliers (62th) 
Deutsche Telekom (1st) 
Festina (2nd) 
Mapei - GB (12th) 
ONCE (43th) 
MG Technogym (110th) 
Polti (53th) 
Cofidis (17th) 
La Française des Jeux (20th) 
Roslotto - ZG Mobili (72th) 
GAN (32th) 
TVM (23th) 
Saeco - Estro (6th) 
Rabobank (13th) 
Casino (26th) 
Batik - Del Monte (65th) 
Banesto (4th) 
Lotto - Mobistar - Isoglass (25th) 
Kelme - Costa Blanca - Eurosport (5th) 
Mercatone Uno (3rd) 
US Postal Service (15th) 
La Mutuelle de Seine-et-Marne (83th) 
Big Mat - Auber 93 (28th) 
Telekom (2nd) 
Mercatone Uno (1st) 
Mapei (8th) 
Rabobank (5th) 
Casino (15th) 
GAN (24th) 
Lotto (16th) 
Saeco (14th) 
La Française des Jeux (13th) 
Cofidis (3rd) 
Polti (10th) 
Asics (32th) 
Vitalicio Seguros 
US Postal (6th) 
Riso Scotti 
Big Mat (26th) 
Cofidis (15th) 
Mercatone Uno (32th) 
Telekom (17th) 
Mapei - Quick Step (7th) 
Rabobank (56th) 
ONCE (6th) 
Polti (8th) 
Saeco (4th) 
Lotto - Mobistar (11th) 
Casino (16th) 
Lampre - Daikin (50th) 
Kelme (3rd) 
Vitalicio Seguros (5th) 
Crédit Agricole (30th) 
Festina (9th) 
La Française des Jeux (14th) 
Banesto (2nd) 
Cantina Tollo (81th) 
US Postal (13th) 
BigMat - Auber 93 (48th) 

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