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Can you name the fun facts about NBA 2K16?

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Forced Order
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Player 1 on Cover - Warriors
Player 2 on Cover - Pelicans
Player 3 on Cover - Rockets
Player 4 on Cover - Bulls
What features do you get by preordering the game
Who is the girl who does 2KTV
Who wrote and directed your MyCareer Story
What Overall is Paul George's All Star Card?
What is the reward for completing Domination
How many wins on gauntlet does it take to get to the silver board
What is the Seed before seed 8 in RTTP?
What is it called to buy auctioned cards for cheap, then sell them for their correct price
What overall is Jokim Noah's DPOY card
True Of False: Carmelo Anthony has 2 TBT cards
True Of False: There is a bronze TBT that can't be pulled
True Of False: Pink Diamond LeBron James can be pulled in TBT packs
True Of False: 2K rewards you with 20,000 MT on your birthday
What team has the most amethysts in dynamic form?
NBA 2K 16, A Spike Lee __________
What is the percentage for how your team gets along in MyGM

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