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Can you name the Two-Word US Cities (Part II)?

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Fourth color in visble light spectrumPlace where money is kept
What a sports team wears on topPolis, in Greek
TremendousPlace where water changes elevation
Belonging to a famous Confederate Civil War GeneralPeak
Holy person, according to the VaticanKing that built Versailles
Place where kids go in the summerGreen, in Spanish
10x10x10Trees that produce hardwood
Fabric worn off the shoulders in backMarine creatures that build reefs
Borough in New York CityPlace with a playground
Pertaining to stonesMethod of getting on a horse
____ 'n RollSurrounded on all sides by water
Christmas SongSmall Creek
Evergreen TreeDeception
Brand of cigarettesThat which informs the general public of current events
Opens a lockWing of the White House containing the Oval Office
Body, in LatinOf Christ, in Latin
A fight in a larger warA stream
Impressive in sizeMeeting of two thoroughfares
Large, large rockPlace surrounded by suburbs
TumblesHouse of worship

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