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Can you name the Levels of the Gym Leaders' Pokemon (RB)?

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Leader + PokemonLevel
Koga: Weezing
Giovanni: Rhyhorn
Bruno: Hitmonchan
Lance: Aerodactyl
Lorelei: Lapras
Lance: Gyarados
Giovanni: Rhydon
Misty: Staryu
Koga: Koffing (2)
Bruno: Onix (2)
Sabrina: Mr. Mime
Rival: Alakazam
Erika: Victreebel
Giovanni: Nidoking
Blaine: Rapidash
Giovanni: Nidoqueen
Lance: Dragonair
Agatha: Gengar (1)
Koga: Koffing (1)
Rival: Pidgeot
Rival: Rhydon
Blaine: Arcanine
Agatha: Gengar (2)
Lance: Dragonair
Agatha: Arbok
Sabrina: Kadabra
Leader + PokemonLevel
Koga: Muk
Giovanni: Dugtrio
Lorelei: Dewgong
Lorelei: Cloyster
Lance: Dragonite
Sabrina: Alakazam
Brock: Onix
Blaine: Growlithe
Erika: Vileplume
Lt. Surge: Raichu
Bruno: Onix (1)
Rival: Venusaur/Charizard/Blastoise
Bruno: Machamp
Brock: Geodude
Misty: Starmie
Agatha: Golbat
Blaine: Ponyta
Sabrina: Venomoth
Lt. Surge: Pikachu
Agatha: Haunter
Lorelei: Jynx
Lt. Surge: Voltorb
Bruno: Hitmonlee
Lorelei: Slowbro
Erika: Tangela

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