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Who plays Dwight?
Where does Jim put Dwight's stapler?
According to concussed Dwight what is his middle name?
What is actually his middle name?
What character from the British Office is Dwight based on?
What kind of car does Dwight drive?
What is Dwight's cousins name?
Where does Dwight work when he leaves Dunder Mifflin?
Which of Pam's friends does Dwight sleep with at the wedding?
Who hits Dwight with his car?
How many acres is Schrute Farms?
During Diversity Day what card does Dwight have on his head?
What green instrument does Dwight play? *hint green*
Who does Dwight get faxes from?
All of Dwight's heroes are who?
What does Dwight give Michael for Christmas?
What does Dwight call his three-desk set up?
What color Karate belt is Dwight?
What gift does Dwight give Jim because of Jim's promotion?
What is Dwight's pet name for Angela?

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