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Jersey NumberPlayerMost Notable Team
00*Los Angeles Raiders
0Chicago Cardinals
1*Houston Oilers
2*Chicago Cardinals
3*Chicago Bears
4Green Bay Packers
5Philadelphia Eagles
6Chicago Bears
7*Denver Broncos
8*Dallas Cowboys
9*Washington Redskins
10*Minnesota Vikings
11*Los Angeles Rams
12New England Patriots
13*Miami Dolphins
14*Cleveland Browns
15*Green Bay Packers
16*San Francisco 49ers
17Philadelphia Eagles
18Indianapolis Colts
19*Baltimore Colts
20*Detroit Lions
21Dallas Cowboys
22*Dallas Cowboys
23Philadelphia Eagles
24*Baltimore Colts
25*Los Angeles Raiders
26*Pittsburgh Steelers
27Tennessee Titans
28St. Louis Rams
29*Los Angeles Rams
30Denver Broncos
31*Green Bay Packers
32*Cleveland Browns
Jersey NumberPlayerMost Notable Team
33*Washington Redskins
34*Chicago Bears
35*Philadelphia Eagles
36Pittsburgh Steelers
37*Detroit Lions
38New Orleans Saints
39*Miami Dolphins
40*Chicago Bears
41Philadelphia Eagles
42*San Francisco 49ers
43Pittsburgh Steelers
44*Washington Redskins
45Seattle Seahawks
46Los Angeles Raiders
47*Pittsburgh Steelers
48Dallas Cowboys
49*Washington Redskins
50*Chicago Bears
51*Chicago Bears
52Baltimore Ravens
53*New York Giants
54*Dallas Cowboys
55San Diego Chargers
56*New York Giants
57*Miami Dolphins
58*Pittsburgh Steelers
59*Pittsburgh Steelers
60*Cleveland Browns
61Kansas City Chiefs
62*Miami Dolphins
63*Kansas City Chiefs
64Green Bay Packers
65*Houston Oilers
66*Green Bay Packers
Jersey NumberPlayerMost Notable Team
67Buffalo Bills
68Pittsburgh Steelers
69Cincinnati Bengals
70*New York Giants
71Detroit Lions
72* St. Louis Cardinals
73*New England Patriots
74*Los Angeles Rams
75*Los Angeles Rams
76*Cleveland Browns
77*Chicago Bears
78*Cincinnati Bengals
79*New York Giants
80*San Francisco 49ers
81Los Angeles/Oakland Raiders
82*Baltimore Colts
83*Los Angeles Raiders
84Denver Broncos
85*Los Angeles Rams
86*Kansas City Chiefs
87San Francisco 49ers
88*Minnesota Vikings
89*Chicago Bears
90Kansas City Chiefs
91Pittsburgh Steelers
92*Philadelphia Eagles/Green Bay Packers
93*Minnesota Vikings
94San Francisco 49ers
95Chicago Bears
96Seattle Seahawks
97Tampa Bay Buccaneers
98San Francisco 49ers
99Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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