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When the night has come and the land is dark and the moon is the only light we see1961 (1987)
No, I don’t know where I’m going, but I sure know where I’ve been1987
You and I in a little toy shop1984
I looked out this morning, and the sun was gone, turned on some music to start my day1976
You run, run, run's your heart that you betray1984
I don't care if Monday's blue, Tuesday's grey Wednesday too1992
Six o'clock already, I was just in the middle of a dream1986
Last night I had the strangest dream I sailed away to China, in a little rowboat to find ya, and you said you had to get your laundry clean1984
Love can make you weep, can make you run for cover. Roots that spread so deep, bring life to frozen ground1987
If we still have time, we might still get by, Every time I think about it, I wanna cry1976
A long, long time ago…I can still remember how that music used to make me smile1972
Well the south side of Chicago, is the baddest part of town1973
Day after day I’m more confused, Yet I look for the light through the pouring rain.1973
I was born in a cross-fire hurricane, and I howled at my ma in the driving rain.1968
I hear a wind, whistling air, whispering in my ear… Boy Mercury, shootin’ through every degree, Ooo girl dancin’ down those dirty and dusty trails.1990

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