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The church's 4 areas of devotionApostles' teaching, fellowship, breaking of bread, prayer
Christ is the head of the church, which is the bodyJesus 'the image of the invisible God'
The church is a body of one, with many partsSpiritual gifts
The church is a family (God's household)'no longer foreigners & aliens'
Disciples in the church are in one another's lives daily'See to it, brothers'
God's worshippers must share common doctrine rooted in the Scriptures'in spirit & truth'
The church 'spurs one another on' by meeting together'unswervingly'
If we seek His kingdom first, God provides the restJesus: Don't worry
Big IdeaScriptureHint
A disciple dates/marries only other disciplesa yoke
The 7 One's that God's church agrees onUnity in the body of Christ
Men will ultimately abandon the Scriptures in order to suit their aims'itching ears'
If a church lacks either the right life or doctrine, it is not the true churchairplane wings
Doctrine of 'Original Sin' is unbiblicalMajor Prophets
'Pray Jesus into your heart' unbiblicalPaul addresses Jews' needs for salvation, not Gentiles' needs
'Accepting Jesus' unbiblicalLaodicea

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