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Can you name all of the characters who appeared on Total Drama Island to Pahkitew Island? Name a character based on their stereotypes. Good luck ;)

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StereotypeName of Contestant
The Cadet
The Sister With 'Tude
The Eye Candy
The Take-No-Prisoners Jock-ette
The Brickhouse With Heart
The Compulsive Liar
The Dumb Princess
The Athlete
The Surfer Girl
The Dweeb
The Australian Outback Girl
The Human Soundboard
The High IQ
The Athletic Overachiever
The Sweet Girl's Friend
The Funniest Guy Around
The Female Bully
The Country Boy
The Fame Monger
The Cool Guy
The Queen Bee
The Quiet Brainiac
The LARPer
Celebrity Manhunt Host
The 'Type A'
The Psycho Hose Beast
The Jock
StereotypeName of Contestant
Host with the Most
The Wannabe
The Home Schooled Guy
The Arch Villain
The Wide-Eyed Bubble-Boy
The Nice-Guy Gamer
Owen's Coconut Friend
The Chef
The Geek
The Good Twin
The Party Guy
The Loner
The Zombie Conspiracy Nut
The Evil Twin
The Pageant Queen
The Sweet Girl
The Super Villain
The Indie Chick
The Delinquent
The Normal Guy
The Jersey Shore Reject
The Obsessive Uber-Fan
The Devious
The Strong Silent Genius
The Moonchild
The Chris Wannabe
The Fairytale Princess

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