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Alzheimers, amnesia, and blunt force head trauma all have short and long term effects. Neurologists have discovered a way to reverse the loss of _______ by illuminating neur
Vladimir Lenin, founder of the Soviet Union turned 145 this week and his body still looks great after turning 145. Scientists were able to replace his skin with a frequently used m
Researchers at MIT have created a ________ cheetah that can run at an average speed of 5 mph and jump over obstacles up to 18 inches tall. MIT predict that their creation will be
-A study released says California is especially sensitive to earthquakes because of this fault.
There are 6,000 ------- left and in Florida, many have been killed in boat strikes, and many survivors bear pale scars from interactions with propellers.
The ____ Sea parted and created two new islands because of the eruption of volcanoes.
This insect stings its prey injecting it with a venom that renders its prey unable to control its motion. The bug then drags it away to eat it.
This type of mining could provide sources of gold, titanium, and platinum, but it could also ruin satellites orbiting the Earth because huge amounts of debris will be pulled toward
On average one of these large mammals are killed every 20 minutes because of high demand for Ivory, and they are expected to be extinct in about 10 years.
in Minnesota last year the population of _____ colonies reduced by more the 50%. Minnesota is the 5th largest honey producer in the US.
This mountain could be losing most of it's glaciers in Nepal due to the Earth getting warmer.
Scientists have been finding _________ which are planets outside the solar system. So far many of these look to promising for life and many of them are the same size of the Earth
A___ tree in Muir Woods, California is believed to be 777 years old, it is about 250 feet tall.
A plane powered by the _____ was flying from China to Hawaii but landed in Japan due to weather.
Scientists are collecting data including global warming and weather forecasting from sensors on _____ foreheads.
There are about 100 million ______ _____ in our galaxy.

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