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China is using this to build islands in the South China Sea
Dairy Queen just took this off their Kid's menu
This common food flavoring was recently found on Jupiter's moon Europa
Bruce Irvin is talking about leaving this team for the Falcons in 2016 (NFL)
Withdrew from Italian Open because of elbow injury
What coffee chain is now offering smaller size drinks (minifrappuccino), in an attempt to be healthier?
Mary lee is the name of which animal off the coastline of the Atlantic Ocean?
What city recently had a massive oil drill rig moved into it, causing people to protest on kayaks?
Which company was sued for the treatment and living conditions of the sea animals there?
What company is planning on improving their phones to make them waterproof?
USA defeated this team in semi finals of the World Hockey Championship in May 2015
The lowest paying college degree for NJ graduates
Microsoft's newest tablet that is going to be released in July 2015?
What daily life activity could increase the chance of a stroke?
Hoping to help the Canadian World Team end the drought from 2009 in the IIHF Championships

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