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China recently developed a plan to generate massive amounts of power, using potentially harmful methods. What power source are they planning to use?
In Lagos ________ there was a fuel strike because companies that import fuel haven't been paid by the government.
On the first anniversary of his swearing-in, Indian Prime Minister, ______ Modi, gave a speech regarding India's industries
A galaxy as bright as 300 trillion suns with a black hole at its core was discovered by ______.
Brooklyn police shoot man suspected of killing a woman outside a _______ casino
This extinct species of humans lived about 18,000 years ago and a recent discovery of their remains are giving scientists an idea of the ancient burial rituals during the ice age.
-A heat wave in this Indian city has killed 800 people.
Feminist leaders marched through a demilitarized zone to promote peace and to stop the war between which two countries?
Lee's fast food sandwich restaurant has recalled 213,000 pounds of meat in California and __________, because the meat was not properly inspected by the United States Department o
The 2015 world championship for this video game company will be held in Schaumburg- a suburb in Chicago
This state recently passed a bill abolishing the death penalty because it was thought to be 'too cruel' but the bill was then vetoed by governor Pete Rickettes
This state is one of the worst states to raise children. They were ranked 35th on the list of safest states. It was graded a D+. Factors rating the states include paid leave, elde
What state wants to raise it's minimum wage again from $8.38 because the prices are too expensive and the minimum wage isn't enough to live in this state.
lawmakers and environmental activists are saying that this bottled-water company should not be allowed to bottle spring water from Oregon because of the current drought

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