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AMC's hit show ended in May 2015 after 7 seasons in 8 years
U.S. Presidential Republican candidate in 2012, _______ __________ squares of in a charity boxing event against world champion Evander Holyfield is Salt Lake City, Utah.
Two 15-year-old boys, two 13-year-old girls and an 11-year-old boy kidnapped and killed a 6 year old boy in this North American country
This NHL coach left the Detroit Red Wings for the Toronto Maple Leaves, making him the highest paid coach in the league, worth $50 million
In Kenya ancient stones tools 3.3 _________ years old were found causing scientist to throw away many existing theories.
Studies show that by watching 3-D _________, most people have an improvement in reaction time and cognitive processing ability 20 minutes after viewing
There were 8 people injured on a Whale Watching boat in Plymouth ________
This company is in the process of making a next generation e-mail app that will not have subject lines, greetings, or signatures, leaving only the features that users will need for
A Disney character that first appeared in Steamboat Willie in 1928.
In this state, the ability to parallel park is no longer a part of the driving test
this protein shake contains no milk at all
The ________ for Daron Dylan Wint, a quadruple homicide suspected of stealing $40,000 is on from DC to Brooklyn
this 80's popstar has delayed the first five shows of her next tour called Rebel Heart because assembling all the elements of the tour is taking longer than she expected
A London cab-driver is guilty for _____________ bombs to kill US soldiers in Iraq. These bombs were planted in 2007 and have killed one Sargent.
Bronze Age girl found in Denmark with artifacts from about 3,400 years ago including beads from Egypt and _____
The possibility of Microbial life being found in samples of soil, are proving that this planet is even more similar to Earth than scientists thought
Famous Washington lady that gave speech honoring and recognizing those that care and support for the military

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